Beer and Cheddar Fondue

I had been craving fondue a lot lately.  I looked over everything I had in my fridge and of course, there is always beer and cheese.  I also had some left over limes and a giant garlic clove from a visit a few weeks ago with James and Blanca.  I didn’t have all the ingredients to make my famous Fiesta Cheese Fondue, but I had the ingredients for something great. 

The following is an awesome, all American beer and cheddar fondue.  I have some extra kickers added like garlic, onion and lime that are completely optional.  If you just have some dippers, beer, cheddar and corn starch, you can make this recipe and it will turn out amazing. 

8 ounces your favorite beer
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 large garlic cloves thinly sliced
1 thin slice of onion chopped  
16 ounces shredded cheddar cheese
1 squeeze fresh lime
Dash fresh cracked black pepper

Dippers!  My favorite dippers are sour green apples, at least two different types of crusty bread, carrots and celery.  Use anything and everything you think you would love to dip: Chips, broccoli, cauliflower; if you want to really go all American, try dipping some chicken wings.

Prep all of your dippers and arrange on a plate for easy grabbing.  Toss your cheddar cheese into the cornstarch.  Bring your beer, onion and garlic to a gentle simmer on medium low heat.  Squeeze 1/2 a lime into the beer, onion and garlic then add your cheddar cheese and cornstarch mixture about 4 ounces at a time.  Stir well each time you add your cheese mixture.  The entire process of mixing and melting your cheese fondue should only take about 10-15 minutes at the most.  Mix in a dash of fresh cracked black pepper and you’re done.  It’s quick and easy.  When your cheese is melted and sticky, remove from the heat. 

You can serve straight out of the pot with forks, transfer the fondue to a microwavable bowl and eat with forks, or use a real fondue set with a burner and fondue forks.  If you aren’t serving in a fondue set that keeps the cheese warm, you may need to reheat the fondue in the microwave about every 10 or 15 minutes when it starts to get too thick.  Just pop the microwavable bowl into the microwave for a minute on 50% power, stir and it will thin right out. 

This fondue recipe serves 4-6 people


Master Cleanse Update

I have completed 3 days on an optional liquid diet to prepare myself for my Master Cleanse.  I am now on Day 1 of the cleanse program.  I can say that I was very tired of drinking juices.  I’m the type of person that likes to have something warm every day whether it be a cup of organic herbal tea or a nice bowl of broth at the least.  When completing an ease in and ease out diet, you can customize it.  The requirement is that it be all liquids, vegan, not to rich and preferably low in sodium.  I can say that when I do my ease out diet I am going to be doing vegetable broths for Day 1, protein broths for Day 2 and then the third day some vegetables in my broths and then a few days of follow up with a light diet. 

The actual spicy lemonade drink is awesome!  I apparently have never had real maple syrup before.  You can’t taste the cayenne, it just adds a spicy undertone to the beverage.  The syrup is sweet and so good and the lemons add a little sour kick.  I make it fresh so the active enzymes in the room temperature lemons are still active.  I have also been enjoying having a slightly warm drink for once.  So far my mood is good, I’m still optimistic, full of energy, happy and I’m not starving.

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