The Big Move

I have really missed blogging! It’s only been a few days and the longing I’ve experienced in such a short amount of time is a true testament to my blogging addiction. It’s the only dear diary/Doogie Howser moment I get to spend alone reflecting on my day. It really helps me decompress, categorize and move on. Without it I feel a little lost and unorganized. 

My reason for being away so long was the move to our new/old house. Yeppers, we lived there before. It’s been exactly two years and the upstairs is finished. Now it has been transformed to a four bedroom, two full bath home fit for mother, father and our twin boys.

All moves are awful, I know everyone hates them, but this has by far been the worse for us. The older we get and the longer we live together, the more stuff we accumulate. I was just reminiscing yesterday about the first time we moved in with each other. All it took was one truck and a single trip from his place and mine and presto! We were all moved in. Then comes the new furniture fit for a one bedroom apartment, another move, furniture for a large two bedroom apartment and so on. Before you know it you have enough stuff to fill a mini-mansion.

Trying to focus on the positives, we’ve also had a lot of fun and firsts. The babies enjoyed their first fireplace fire. The day after we moved in it snowed! How crazy is that!? The beginning of spring in an area where last flurries and frosts are typically February and it snows near April.

They also enjoyed their first feeding session in there high chairs courtesy of my sister Loren. We would have tried to set them up and feed them a lot sooner if it weren’t for lack of space.

I suppose before I talk about our quant first home cooked meal I should give a small cleanse update. What was I thinking!? I mean, the drink was amazing, I felt amazing, but the timing…hello!? Move much!? I could have used as much thought and research as I put into the actual diet, put into the scheduling of my cleanse. I made it long enough that I had the feared white tongue and was feeling very energized and ethereal, but had to break it in order to avoid passing out during the move that I’m still going through. I am going to restart my cleanse in the next week or two when I’m a little more settled. A note for anyone considering a cleanse: Break it very gently! Only a few days in, the slightest change in diet will still cause a massively upset stomach. I thought not going the full ten days I could seamlessly merge to a light and healthy solid diet and I was wrong.

Now, back to our first meal; an all-natural baked and steamed dinner by fireside. It was simple, but perfectly prepared and completely romantic. That’s pretty much a recap of our week. We have been burning a few days and are trying to find firewood to continue burning the rest of the week. From there they pretty much predict spring breaking and at least warmish weather on out. We are taking our time unpacking and settling in with as many more romantic, fuss free nights we can muster.

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