Easy Fancy Breakfast

This is a recipe that I made up after watching the movie ‘V for Vendetta.’  I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be paying more attention to the film, but when they had this meal during a breakfast scene, my concentration was lost.  I believe they called it ‘Eggy in a Basket,’ but I don’t exactly remember.  Now I’m sure there are a million proper recipes out there that are fancy and complicated, but I never bothered to look them up.  I do my own thing with what I have in the fridge.

I do want to say for everyone who does like to peruse my recipes and maybe even dabble in making them, they can be extremely healthy.  Choose low fat versions of products, grab organic, free range, wild caught and wild harvested over regular, use whole grain everything instead of bleach processed/white and a very important note about butter: I use Brummel and Brown natural yogurt butter.  It is made with yogurt instead of a bunch of dairy fat.  It is very healthy and cooks like regular butter unlike other diet butters that have a high water content and tend to make things mushy.  It also has a sweet buttery taste that I prefer over real butter.  Anyway, I’m rambling about this because I don’t want friends and family having high cholesterol because of me. 

So, the following recipe I’m giving in a single serving and you can double, triple, or more.  Kids love it, adults love it and it looks so sultry and special people will think you spent a bunch of extra time just for them and really, it takes the same amount of time as grilling an egg.  This is the perfect recipe to make if a friend pops by or you’re scrambling for something special to make for a breakfast or brunch that isn’t complicated. 

2 pieces any kind of sliced bread
2 eggs
2 tablespoons butter of your choice; Brummel and Brown, margarine, etc…
Any sliced fruit; strawberries, apples, oranges, etc…
Dash salt (optional)
Dash pepper (optional)

Heat a pan on medium low or electric grill on 350 degrees.  Cut nice size holes in your bread slices.  You don’t need a special tool for this, I used a wine glass.  Spray your pan or grill with non-stick spray and then melt a tablespoon of your butter choice.  Lay your holey bread slices into the butter and press down a little bit to make sure all of it is touching the pan.  Crack one egg into each bread hole and season with a dash of salt and pepper if you like.  You can pop your yolks if you prefer them cooked.  Let it grill until it’s almost cooked through.  When you lift each bread and egg slice to flip them, melt another half tablespoon of butter under each one, then lay the uncooked side into the butter.  This will get it buttery and crisp on both sides.  After a few minutes when your egg is cooked through, toss the eggy in a basket onto a plate and fan out some fresh fruit slices.

Serving Suggestions:
You could also serve with a side of cheeses, you can go completely fancy brunch and spoon on a homemade hollandaise sauce, serve with an assortment of breakfast meats or a mimosa.  There is no limit!

What to Do With Those Extra Bread Rounds:
Make fresh crust-less sandwiches or brush them with a little bit of olive oil and bake in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.  Use your little mock Melba rounds as a bread garnish in a soup, spread a little cream cheese, thin sliced onion, thin sliced cold smoked salmon and some cracked black pepper and serve as an appetizer.  At the least, break them up and feed the birds.

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