Hellooooooooo Spring!

This past weekend was a little crazier than usual.  That always seems to happen; it’s completely dead for a week and then its two weeks of complete insanity.  I remember my uncle Ricky, who also has a creative career, calling it feast to famine.  I sort of knew what he was saying at the time, but now I’m living it and completely understand. 

For starters, I had to restock my local shop and wanted to put in a few new items that are big online sellers.  I’ve had a ton of orders online and a few for local pick up.  I had a photo shoot on Saturday for a surprise I’ll announce in the near future and of course, I had to make my most complicated and costly soap of all to show off for the shoot.  Some other random things I had to do were a huge shopping trip for all of my cleanse items, raw foods to make my own baby food with the baby bullet, find the best new juicer and so many other things I can’t even think of them all.    

On the super plus side, we had some really amazing weather.  I had so many opportunities to get outside with my kids and my camera.  I finally had the chance for a redo on my not so great photos from earlier in the week. 

I would have to say that my new favorite time to capture the most interesting, creamy lighting and fun, flirty shadow is around 5:00pm. 

I found some of the most extraordinary, tiny little flowers popping up all over.  They must have sprung up overnight.

I also had a chance to pop by the house we are moving into this weekend and get photos in an entirely new area.  I can’t wait to be in our new house.  It is a photography gold mine.  We have a nice stretch of woods behind us that I’m going to trek out into to find some of the items on my list.

Sadly, I didn’t get any photos on the full moon night.  My husband and I were just getting back to our old place when we found the moon.  It started huge and orange and had the craziest looking clouds around it.  Well, by the time I could get out two hours later, it looked completely normal.  It was high, small and white.  Bummer.  Better luck next time; that will be Monday April 18th for a regular full moon, but the next super moon isn’t until 2029.


Master Cleanse Update

I am on day one of the ease in Living Diet for my Master Cleanse.  I’m eating all the raw vegetables and fruits I need with at least 60% of my daily intake being vegetables.  I feel great so far, of course, but I can say that when I woke up I almost started making coffee.  I didn’t realize how programmed I am.  In total with my three day ease in and three day ease out diet, my cleanse will last 16 days!  My general mood is a little nervous.  The longest fast I have ever done was only three days long. 

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