A Mixed Weather Weekend

Jaime, the kids and I had a fantastic weekend.  Saturday was bright and sunny with a light spring chill in the air.  We took a long walk around our neighborhood searching for new flowers and other evidence of spring, but didn’t find much of anything new.  We packed up our bags and headed to the beach in time to capture some of the sunset.  It was a first for the boys.  We pulled them around in the sand and they had their first experience with loud motorcycles.  By the time we got home, they passed out in there little bouncy seats from sheer exhaustion.   

Sunday morning was a little more hectic.  I had no clue about the time change.  Jaime remembered when he looked at the clock and 45 minutes turned into almost two hours.  We went to bed super late and the kids let us sleep in an extra hour.  We’re still trying to get them to adapt to the change even today. 

Sunday afternoon we went to the park for a few hours.  By the time we got there it had gone from sunny and warm to breezy and dropped 10 degrees.  Thankfully we packed a ton of jackets, hats, pants and socks for emergencies.  We had a great time.  We walked through the trails, went over bridges, the kids got to see tons of geese, ducks and seagulls and a few flowers.  We would have walked over to the meditation garden area but the temperature had dropped another few degrees while we were there. 

This entire week is promised to be filled with a confusing mix of cold sun or warm rain and clouds; typical March/April weather in VA.  I’m thinking Friday may be our day to have another long adventure.  It promises to be hot and sunny.  We’ll see! 

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