Our Second First Date

As I suspected it would be, getting everything ready for our first night out without the kids in over a year was hectic!  Nothing ever happens smoothly around our house, but that’s okay.  Knowing that little fact reduces the amount of meltdowns I could possibly have in the matter of a single morning.

I was up early, fed kids, bathed kids, bathed myself, fixed hair, make-up, threw on a thoughtless last minute outfit due to the sudden time crunch and looked so/so; husband threw on clothes in less than five minutes and looked perfect, then we started packing up the entire house.  The kids couldn’t possibly live without their little giraffe among a list of about fifty other items.

We arrived at my mother in laws a little late, hungry, a little car sick, but in high spirits!  The drop off was smooth and the kids didn’t even notice we left.

Our dinner at The Melting Pot was amazing!  They had advertised a Pacific Island big night out online, but to my VERY HAPPY surprise, it was a French themed big night out.  I love French food!  Our first course started with a brie, bacon, garlic, wine and onion fondue accompanied with a variety of bread, carrot, apple and broccoli dippers and a bottle of the Jekel Riesling.  It was so good my husband was literally scraping the bottom of the pot.  Look out later in the week for the recipe I created based on this extraordinary fondue.      

The rest of the dinner was full of stimulating, child free conversation, drinks, salad, a variety of meats and pasta and of course the chocolate fondue with endless dippers of banana, pound cake, rich brownie, strawberries and more.  The overall night was romantic and relaxing; a complete success!  We are looking forward to many more wonderful nights out in the near future. 

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