Settling In

We’re slowly but surely getting settled in. Unfortunately with Jaime away at work I’ve had to handle a lot of the major arranging. I’m pretty sure I’m going to save finishing off the kids room and my studio for this weekend when I can get a little help. I actually managed to almost completely finish the living room and dining room.

I was also able to hang some little splashes of vintage paintings, mirrors and such. I was so pooped from the long weekend that I ended up losing a few days earlier in the week to sleepiness and procrastination.

I have to be in the mood to decorate and get a feel for what looks pleasing. If I’m tired it really stifles my creativity. It’s always best for me to leave it alone and pick up another day. When I force it things never seem to look quite right. I’ll walk back into a room and stare at it every few minutes not being able to put my finger on exactly what is bothering me.

The things I enjoy most about our new place: I would have to start with space. I actually have the space to enjoy being anal retentive again. No joke! The last place we were living was so strangled of space that trying to be super clean was a lost cause. If I brushed my hair our home would be dirty from end to end.

The pantry ~ Oh how I have needed a pantry. I love to cook so I need a lot of space to spread out my groceries. I like to look at what I have on hand and start creating. If something is buried like brown sugar, I won’t know I have it and will miss out on making brown sugar fudge, meatloaf, cookies, glazed ham and so many other things from just that one ingredient.

The wood floors ~ Wood floors are so much more sanitary in high traffic areas. They are also much easier to clean. If something is spilled, who cares!? Grab something and wipe it up, it’s gone.

The fireplace ~ I have already had so many fires that when I’m not burning, it looks like a sad little dark place that needs a toasty fire.

There are a ton of other things I love, but I’ll end with the closets. We have HUGE walk in closets in both of the giant new rooms upstairs. I could convert them into offices if I really wanted to. Sometimes I walk all the way to the back running my hands on the rows and rows of clothes hanging while drooling over my own shoes. My last closet was so impossibly small I gave up on trying to find shoes and was wearing two pairs over and over again for almost a year.

The following are some random, no fuss photos of the strange things you’ll find lurking around my home.

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