Sushi Sunday

At the end of my extremely tiring weekend, my husband, the kids and I took a break to visit with Blanca and James.  Whenever they come over we like to either cook or order out a nice meal.  Ever since the massive amount of Christmas gifts the kids received, we have literally run out of room to live in our home.  That is the exact reason we are moving into a bigger house.  Point is, there was no room to cook so we ordered out.

We ordered from my favorite Japanese restaurant in Gloucester County, Hana Sushi.  This is another one of those amazing places you would easily overlook that is a little hidden treasure.  They have a hibachi grill; I highly recommend the hibachi scallops.  They are SO GOOD! 

My favorite meal to order lately has been the Sushi Deluxe.  It comes with 10 different types of Nigiri, a huge shrimp tempura roll, miso soup and a salad for right at $20.  It’s way too much food so I usually split everything up into two meals and tear up the second late at night. 

The rest of the night was spent playing with the kids, giving them both baths, stuffing them full of food and putting their cute little tushies to bed.


Master Cleanse Update

I completed day one of the ease in diet that I’m using to prepare my body for the actual ten day cleanse and am well into day two.  I will have to say, I hit a few bumps this early in the road.  It’s not that I was even hungry; it’s that I have gotten so self-indulgent the last few months I got mad at the fact I had any sort of limit.  It was a late afternoon long walk with the kids that pushed me over the edge.  The thought of tearing up the leftover fried rice in the fridge possessed me.  I recomposed myself, tried to remember all the reasons I wanted to start a cleanse and the rest of the day was great.  I ended the day feeling energized, happy and proud.

Today I woke up feeling like my old self.  I thought I would be dying of starvation and feeling sick detoxing from all of my sugars, caffeine and over processed foods.  I might not be as bad off as I thought.  I had a giant glass of carrot, spinach, celery and tomato juice for breakfast and am playing with the kids while I type.  I won’t lie, my stomach feels hungry, but I think I accidentally prepared myself already by barely finding time to eat the past month.  I’m used to starving.  My general mood is energized, happy and hopeful.         

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