This Is For the Mammas, the Pappas and the Toothless

Courtesy of my mother-in-law, Blanca, I have a new Baby Bullet that I am putting to the test.  I like to make my own baby food so I know it’s all natural, I know exactly what ingredients go into it and it helps to cut down on cost.  I have been using an older model of the Proctor Silex small food processor and although it sort of gets the job done, it’s not really made for pureeing the smoothest baby foods from scratch.  I would say it more or less makes a fine or very fine dice and if my babies hit the tiniest little soft chunk, feeding time is over. 

So, my baby bullet arrived early afternoon Tuesday and I was super excited!  They had a deal where if you bought one, you received another for free.  I’m tucking the second one safely away to hand over to Blanca for use at her house. 

When I started opening the box I was a little overwhelmed by all the parts.  As I started going through them I fell in love.  I realized that it wasn’t a bunch of complicated pieces and a huge manual to weld the thing together; it was full of adorable accessories.  I can say with confidence that the maker of the Baby Bullet knows its target demographic.  I mean, how cute are all of the little food containers!?  They look like a happy little family.  Even if the blender was awful I would be tempted to keep everything just for the storage and recipes. 

I usually steam the labels off glass jars of already used baby food and reuse them, but this kicks that.  They even have a little ring that moves on the top so you can set the date and keep track of when your food should be tossed.  They definitely put some thought into the functionality of the overall product.     

Being a cautious mom, I loaded everything up on the heavy cycle in the dishwasher before use.  While my machine was doing all the work, I started to look over the box and brochures and was even more impressed.  All the parts are BPA free, nontoxic and the user manual and cook book was really informative.  Each little baby bullet container is one full serving (2 ounces) of baby food.  Each recipe tells exactly how many servings it makes with the cutest pictures for easy browsing.  I also found out that the strange rubber container is for freezing the foods to use later.  I would have to say the only adjustment I’ll make to these recipes is using mixed formula instead of water to make a creamier puree and I’ll cut the recipes down to only make what I’ll use within 48 hours because of the milk.     

For my tester recipe I’m going to use the most impossible food to puree, green beans.  No matter how long I have cooked these suckers down in the past, I’ve always ended up with a gritty texture that makes the kids gag.  I’m using one cup of thawed raw green beans and a quarter cup of prepared formula.  This will supposedly make 10 ounces of food and I’ll run through that in less than 24 hours.          

My recipe made somewhere between 8-10 ounces.  At first I thought it looked a little chunky so I ran my fingers through it.  It was completely smooth.  I packed it into the storage containers and left one out for dinner.  I mixed it up with some pureed carrots, peas, turkey, potatoes and oatmeal.  The kids loved it.  No chunks, no problems; I love it!  I highly recommend this processor for anyone who wants to make their own baby foods at home.  Thank you Blanca!   

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