To Get Everyone Caught Up

So...I've been tinkering a not-so-blog blog via Facebook fan page for my company for a little while now.  I have a lot of interesting things going on in my life and a lot of things to share, but I've been afraid to take the plunge and put together a full force blog.  Well, at the request of many, I finally broke down and am beginning my official blog.  I do apologize in advance for my amateur layout, design, etc...but I am SUPER green and promise to learn!!

The big new obsession in my life that has been quickly gaining more and more of my interest is photography.  A few months ago my husband and I purchased a new Canon EOS REBEL T1i.  I thought I would be frustrated and lose interest, but somehow I've become frustrated and obsessed! 
I originally purchased the camera to start improving my online site photos.  The more I learn, the more my photography is branching out from small item photography to my children and family, nature, etc...My most recent self-given goal: capture spring while it's springing!  I’ve been on an endless search to find evidence of the new seasons beginnings.  On my list of items to find: Wild strawberries, interesting mushrooms and other fungi, blooming flowers and bugs hard at work among many other things.

The one set of daffodils I found in full bloom, I couldn’t get a decent shot of due to the HUGE vehicle coming my way.  I try to look normal while I’m walking my kids.  When vehicles drive by and see the kids parked in a safe area and there mom laying on the ground, I think the first thing that runs through their mind is Stroke Victim!  When they approach and see I’m moving I get an array of dirty looks.

On the last journey I took, yesterday actually, I found PARADISE!  The most amazing set of tree fungi I’ve seen in years.  It was a photographers dream!  As luck would have it, they are located smack in the middle of someone’s yard.  I passed them up cursing to myself and imagining all the photo ops.  Would it be insanely rude for me to knock on someone’s door and ask if I may photograph there fungus?  LOL!  It sounds even more rude in print than it did in my head.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to ask permission, please feel free to chime in and comment and thank you ahead of time for any feedback!  In the meantime, here are a few of my amateur photos from this week...

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