Barnum and Bailey

My husband and I have about 500 trips we are planning and hoping to actually take over the next year with the twins. A few on the long list are visiting family in Costa Rica, New Orleans, maybe Texas, a national park and a few local events like the VA Living Museum and of course, Barnum and Bailey circus.

Whenever we plan trips I like to start way in advance to save money. Nothing infuriates me more than going on a vacation and finding out I could have saved 20% because I didn’t take my time and do some research. A few years ago my husband and I flew to Florida and took a full week Caribbean cruise for $600 total; plane tickets and all for both of us. We saved about 70%!

Any time I find good deals I like to share. Today is all about Barnum and Bailey circus. Not a lot of people are aware that if your children are under 1 year of age, you can get a free ticket that has no expiration date! You can get it now and not take them until they are 5. Especially if you are a family of multiples, this is great news.

And don’t forget to get your free commemorative certificate to put in your baby book!

You can also register to receive updates on specials when the circus and Disney on Ice comes to your town.

And finally, if you are military, take advantage of the savings. They have a special program called ‘America Supports You’ where they exclusively offer military families special promotions as a way of saying thank you.

We already have our free ticket vouchers for the twins and can’t wait to see the show. I only remember going to the circus once about 20 years ago. I hope everyone who is planning to partake has a blast and enjoys the savings!

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