The Big Storm

I am going to forgo my usual cheery blog post about how wonderful my weekend was to put out a public condolence to the families who lost loved ones not only in Gloucester county, but Virginia over the weekend.

For those readers who aren’t local, Saturday night was a frightening mix of very unusual storms that produced at least two confirmed tornadoes in the area where my family resides. In our county alone there were three deaths.

We didn’t realize the damage the storm had caused until we were trying to leave Gloucester County late Sunday afternoon. Pretty much right after we got on the main road from our neighborhood traffic was backed up for miles. Taking the back roads through my husband’s old neighborhood we really got a look at how many people lost their homes and the massive amount of overall damage the storms caused.

We were some of the lucky few whose neighborhood was just missed by tornadoes passing less than 5 miles away. For those who weren’t so lucky and may be in need of assistance and for those who would like to provide assistance of some kind, I have researched and provided the following information:

Disaster Assistance in Gloucester
*To request assistance: 804.693.3890
*To volunteer: Call the Gloucester County Emergency Operations Center at 804.693.3000
*To donate: The American Red Cross is asking for cash donations only to support its disaster relief fund. They will not accept donations of food or clothing at this time.

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