Busch Gardens Williamsburg

We took our first official family trip to Busch Gardens over the weekend. The kids did so great while we were there. It was pretty much like their normal hour or two daily photo walks with me, but with way more to look at. The noise and commotion aggravated Parker a little throughout the day, but it was ridiculously loud. I’m surprised either of them handled it so well.

We had originally intended to go straight to Sesame Street Forest of Fun, but took a right instead of a left when we got into the park. I hadn’t been to Busch in so long I had completely forgotten to look at the map. Our biggest concern was avoiding the hundred steps and giant hill down around the Loch Ness Monster so we headed straight for whatever is to the right. I think it’s Ireland?

Well, Ireland is the exact opposite way of Sesame. We still thought we could tour around the entire park and get to kiddie ville in time to play, we never made it. Cramming Busch between nap time and bed time only gave us about 3-4 hours at the park. They are so young they didn’t care where we were. I can’t wait until they can walk so we can take them on the rides in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun.

Needless to say, we are planning and very much looking forward to another trip in the very near future. This time we’ll be sure to head left all day.

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