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I have always been very into recycling and over the past decade have become obsessed with upcycling. The difference between the two is that upcycling is actually converting your waste materials or useless products into something new and interesting yourself. It can be as simple as taking used baby food jars and converting them into beautiful candles. My obsession started with old t-shirts that I couldn’t bear to throw away. Once I converted them into hot new fashionable looks courtesy of my book ‘108 ways to transform a T-Shirt,’ I was hooked. Fast forward a few years and Etsy has given me a whole new reason to be obsessed with the movement.

Etsy Artists: Devon and Tanita

Etsy Shop: CreativeCorksNMore (click to visit)

Product: Beautiful Upcycled Home and Office Decor

Extra Bonus: Pleasant, Personable and Knowledgeable Seller, Green Crafting

Devon and Tanita are a happily engaged couple that met while working together. He took her out for ice cream and the rest was history. Both sides of the family are full of small business owners and crafters ranging from a wonderful sandwich shop in Sandpoint, Idaho to graphic designers and master seamstresses. With their creative abilities newly combined Creative Corks N’ More was a very natural and organic next step.

When having the pleasure to speak with Devon, I learned that there beautiful shop is a vehicle for them to help spread knowledge of how to use less, reuse more, and have fun with garbage. It is also a way to help them join in the green crafting movement. Recently branching into wine bottles, ceramic, decoupage, and more this shop offers something for everyone, and is helping to spread the philosophy they’ve adopted.

Devon and Tanita have varying hobbies and interests that range from animals, trees and photography to snowboarding, road trips, colors and writing that blend together in perfect harmony. Their main inspiration comes from a yearning to make a difference.

Two of my absolute shop favorites are the custom handmade vintage wine cork letters. It is a great combination of my three top passions; wine, upcycling and unique home d├ęcor. They have a really unique urban flair to each design that keeps me looking at every tiny detail.

And then, of course, I am madly in love with the wine bottle flower vases. I can actually see these in my kitchen. I have a small dark stained table and medium blue grey wall that would really showcase each vase and let it stand out to its full potential.

Be sure to browse this shop and feel good by supporting an Etsy artist, handmade and living green. Definitely keep this shop in mind for Mother’s Day *hint, hint* and further support the cause by following on Facebook.

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