Do It Myself ~ I have a big new project that is just entering the planning stage. My husband and I had been looking into buying a new living room set. We currently have two large sofas we randomly ended up with. We traded our old sofa for another used one when I was pregnant because we needed something a little more comfy. Then we have the hand-me-down vintage couch that I think was my great grandmothers. Needless to say I’m sure, but they do not go together.

After much deliberation we decided we like the way our couches are set up. We love all the seating room and haven’t been able to find the perfect replacement set. Our new plan is to reupholster ourselves. That’s a whole new area of planning. Now I’m looking at fabrics and deciding on colors, tones and patterns. I know how to reupholster and am completely ready for the actual labor stage. It is the creative area I am still working on.

I have a medium grey-blue wall and light floors so I’m thinking of going with a solid medium cream, rice or wheat color for the bigger lazy boy type sofa. Then I’m thinking of doing something a little more poppy for the vintage sofa because it can really handle the pattern. I’m considering the same base color as the lazy boy and then something to set it apart. I’m thinking it will play the role of a giant accent chair.

It is so hard to tell if it is going to be too much, a waste of time, money, effort – ugh! I’ve never really seen anything like it done before. I have seen modern sets with a sofa, loveseat and accent chair; never two completely different large sofas done in accent. If anyone has any design experience, suggestions, etc…Please feel free to Email and comment.

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