A Hairy Situation

Our baby boys were born with a lot of hair just like there daddy. They went through the usual stage where the back of their head was bald and a little in the top middle like an old man. It was very soon after that they started sporting a full do.

The hair grew in quick, thick and I have no idea what to do with it. I absolutely love leaving it all fluffy and wavy, but they have been mistaken as girls pretty often!

I think they very obviously look like boys, but people constantly embarrass themselves with the boys for girls switch that they try to guess girl first based on the waviness. I wish everyone knew it was okay to say ‘What a cute baby.’ It doesn’t have to be a boy/girl thing.

I have debated on buzzing it down so they look like Jaime, but can’t bear to do it. Jaime wants to trim around there ears and leave the rest fluffy. Well, just for fun I started messing around with one of those hairdo generator programs to get an idea of what different styles would look like on them. I actually found a bunch I like, but here are some of the more ridiculous ones just for fun.

Eli 'Brad Pitt' Cascante
Eli 'George Clooney' Cascante
Eli 'Patrick Dempsey' Cascante
Eli 'Tyler Lautner' Cascante
Parker 'Adam Lambert' Cascante
Parker 'Peter Facinelli' Cascante
Parker 'Robert Pattinson' Cascante
Parker 'Zack Efron' Cascante

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