Our World in DSLR

We have had a busy few weeks mostly due to the move, but the kids and I still managed to collect some pretty good photos on our daily walks. I’m popping in between baby nap time and a visit from my dad who is back in town early to share them. I also wanted to announce that there are a few really cool things to look forward to in the very near future in the way of family savings, DIY and reviews. I don’t want to ruin the surprises, but get excited!

Okay, now for photos. I actually don’t have too many to share because this neighborhood is a little boring. No offense neighborhood! It’s not exactly time for frogs and turtles, still too cold. What I did capture were some amazing flowers that are popping up all over, some bees that were nice enough not to sting me while I was all up in there face and a few things I’m still not sure what they are and what they are going to be. Enjoy the photos!

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