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homemade -- adjective
     1. made or prepared at home, locally, or by the maker’s own efforts
          Breakfast at the farmhouse always meant homemade preserves.

My husband and I are very picky sweets people. Neither of us like desserts that are overly manufactured. We much prefer decadent goodies with a distinct handmade ambience. A real handmade dessert has the ability to be rich, old fashioned, enchanting, can offer an unparalleled flavor variety and the freshest ingredients. You won’t find those qualities in mass produced factory sweets. We recently found an amazing Etsy shop that offers all the remarkable characteristics we adore and even more!

Etsy Artists: Pam and Janet

Etsy Shop: SayItSoSweetly (click to visit)

Product: Sweet and Delicious Homemade Edibles

Extra Bonus: Something for Everyone, Extremely Personable Sellers, Designs That Can’t Help But Put a Smile on Your Face

Pam and Janet lived in a tiny little town of about 300 people in the middle of Iowa farm country. They were both considered 'city girls' because they lived in town. They met while working at a grill-your-own steak house called ‘Rube’s Supper Club.’ They both have kids who went to school together. Pam has two daughters and Janet has a daughter and a son. Pam has 5 grandchildren (!!!) and Janet is thrilled to be expecting her first grandchild in December.

They both love reading, painting, crafting, gardening, and browsing thrift shops and garage sales for items to refurbish and upcycle for their other Etsy shop, Pajazzled (click to visit).

Pam and Janet always enjoyed creating smiles through there baking. Armed with an arsenal of exceptional ideas and the new discovery of Etsy, Say It So Sweetly was born. Hard work, dedication and research has molded this sweet little shop into a veritable play place of pleasant desserts that carry a sweet message and will brighten ones day.

I love everything in their shop, but narrowing it down to two favorites I would recommend:

Certainly any of the mints, but especially the little caterpillars. One befriended me over the weekend so I can’t help but suggest adopting at least 6 dozen of the cute little guys. The mint flavor is refreshing and delicate. I could easily sit and eat a few dozen myself. They would create a buzz put out at any party ~ expect lots of compliments!

And undoubtedly the Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies. They are thick, rich, creamy and indecently decadent. What I love most about them is that they aren’t too heavy at the same time. You could put them out at a party or serve them after a light or heavy meal. I could even suggest one with a cup of coffee for breakfast. They are a pure delight. I have to admit, when my husband and I were sampling them he dropped his on the floor, picked it back up and ate it with a smile on his face. Knowing how good they were, I didn’t judge; I would have done the same.

Be sure to visit SayItSoSweetly to purchase truly delicious sentiments for any and all of your upcoming special occasions. Don’t forget to ‘like’ on Facebook to receive current updates.

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