What Is It?

A few days ago I posted a little tidbit about my business. Along with what I do and why I love it so much, I gave a sneak peek. I shared some info on my favorite bar (Dead Sea Mud Solid Shampoo) to make and some photos of the process. To my surprise I received a lot of Emails asking what a solid shampoo is. I have to apologize. Sometimes I forget what it was like before I started soaping. Products like solid shampoo, solid conditioner, shaving bars and cyndet are things I didn’t know about PS (pre-soap) either.
A true solid shampoo is not soap. When you buy a regular store shampoo you are paying for a lot of water. A typical recipe for a liquid shampoo contains at least 2 pints. A solid shampoo bar is only the shampoo. What I like most about it is the ability to keep solid shampoo all natural because there is no need for preservatives.
A few other positives: It lasts a long time. One of my 4 ounce Dead Sea Mud solid shampoo bars lasts in my shower around 3-4 months. They are also extremely eco-friendly because they aren’t packed in plastic containers (mine aren’t, some people still pack plastic).
Then there is the solid conditioner. This is a very new phenomenon and I’ve only found 2 on the market besides my own. It is not a soap, it does not lather; it is 100% pure conditioner. If I were to turn one of my 4 ounce solid conditioner bars into liquid conditioner, the single bar would make 24 bottles of 16 ounce liquid conditioner- that's 384 ounces! Solid conditioner lasts a very long time, the average being anywhere from 4-6 months and up to a year depending on length of hair and how many people are using it.
Just like the solid shampoo, they need no preservatives because there is no water in the recipe. If you buy from an eco-friendly company they are also not packed in plastic containers.
Some more positives: Solid packs well and will never break open and ooze all over everything in your luggage, solid is perfect to pack for camping trips, solid saves space in the shower and solid makes fantastic gifts for men or women.

You can find solid shampoo and solid conditioner in both of my online shops:

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