What a Weekend

First thing’s first ~ I have two really big surprises to announce and one of them is finally ready to come out of the bag. I have been featured in one of the largest handmade blogs. It is a personal favorite of mine, Mod Podge Rocks. Not only is there a full review, there is also a giveaway. If anyone is interested in reading the review and/or entering for a chance to win, click on the link provided below and GOOD LUCK!

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Now that’s enough of that. This past weekend was AMAZING! My husband and I went out on our second official date since the third trimester of our twin pregnancy; quick math again, that was 14 months ago. Thank you again James and Blanca! We had so much fun. This time I handled the reservations so we went out at real Saturday night adult time. We had an amazing meal at Bonefish Grill and then we watched the movie ‘Source Code.’

What attracted us to Bonefish Grill over all the other new restaurants we’ve wanted to try was the fact that they had ceviche. Can you believe that!? I was just gabbing in my ceviche recipe post about how it usually can’t be found stateside and I found it practically in my back yard. My husband ordered some and I snuck a few bites. It wasn’t anywhere near as good as mine, but it was very good. If they have it on the menu at a location near you, I would recommend trying it if you are a seafood person. It is served with warm tortilla chips and fresh sliced avocado so we ate it like an amazing seafood salsa.

I had an appetizer of Ahi Tuna Sashimi and we both had a filet mignon. I had a crab cake with an amazing spicy remoulade and we shared a bottle of the Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. Accompaniments were freshly steamed asparagus and this amazing little chick pea salad with crushed tomato and Andouille sausage. We skipped dessert even though I had my mind set on one of the two crème brulees offered so we could make it in time to see the flick.

The movie was fantastic. It was a mix of a few older themes with a completely new spin. Some of the main characters were Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. The basic rundown is a soldier wakes up in another man’s body and is trying to figure out what’s going on. I was so interested that I actually forgot to get popcorn. I am depressed about that. I haven’t had theatre popcorn in years. I might have to swing by my local theatre and pick some up. I have to get over the fear of being judged first.

Sunday’s morning was started with Belgian waffles from my super pimp waffle maker courtesy of Mom and Jerry. The weather was perfect. Jaime, the kids and I got our first chance to venture out of the house and take a family walk in our new/old neighborhood. Being the photography freak I am, I brought my camera with us. I found some of the coolest things I never knew were so close to our home. As always, only a few of my billion pictures came out the way I intended so I have things I’ll be looking to reshoot over the next week or so to share.

My only somewhat ‘meet the grade’ find was A COCOON! I am pretty sure it belongs to a butterfly or moth. I was so excited. I have gone my entire life without ever finding one. On my list of photos to catch for spring I included bugs hard at work, but never even thought of cocoons.

While we were out snapping shots, I did get a very callous warning from a local bee. I guess I was too close to its nest. I was trying to get the perfect picture of this giant leaf, like freak show size of my head giant, when he flew five warning circles around my head. It took me a second to realize each lap he was getting significantly closer and when he almost hit my face I hauled booty. My next mission, find the nest. I’m considering trash bagging up and venturing out to find the nest and get pictures. If I do take the trip, I’ll be sure someone is nearby to call 911 for me.

That’s about it. The rest of Sunday night was a homemade dinner for the kids, bottles, bed time, an amazing dinner for Jaime and I, then me gloating to myself while reading all the compliments from contestants on my Mod Podge giveaway and review.

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