And Another Year Has Flown By

So the kids finally had their 1st birthday party over the weekend. It was a lot of fun. The party was mostly for the adults this early in the game. We had good food and lots of drinks. Everyone pretty much hung out and caught up.

The kids had a great time crawling around on the floor for hours and getting extra attention. To our surprise they didn't even want to touch the cakes I made for them. I stayed up past midnight baking the cakes and cupcakes. At least they were a big hit with the adults. Oh yeah, and the AC guy did come and save us all from burning H - E - Double hockey sticks. I kept it nice and cool the entire party.

The babies ended up making out like bandits. They are so spoiled. We basically have all the stuff to set up a beach outside - sandbox, pool, the works. Now that this day has passed we are looking forward to new milestones like Water Country and our first big family vacation. I keep looking at the date and I can't believe it's already June. It really does fly by! 

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