Chloe’s Cake Stands

I am really big on cupcake baking. One of my top concerns every time I make them is presentation. They can take up a lot of counter space and even the loveliest adorned little cakes can look sad and sloppy. Years ago I was shopping around in Michael’s Arts and Crafts and was stoked to find little wire cupcakes tree holders. Fast forward about 5 years and Chloe’s Cake Stands has given me a whole new reason to bake.

Etsy Artist: Nicole

Etsy Shop: chloescakestands (click to visit)

Product: Creative Cake & Cupcake Stands

Extra Bonus: Stunning Colors to Fit Every Season & Occasion, Options for A Few Cupcakes or Many, Family Owned & Operated

Nicole and her husband Mesut met during finals week in college. They had never noticed each other until their classrooms were within viewing distance. They went out on several dates and have been together ever since. They have two children, Chloe and Jaiden. There shop is named after Chloe who loves all things confectionary.

The entire family is very creative. Prior to “Chloe’s”, Jaiden, Chloe and Nicole would be in the kitchen all the time, baking cakes and cupcakes for classmates, teachers, parents and colleagues for special events or just because. Chloe herself does a lot of craft work. She likes to make postcards and currently is working on a line of headbands to debut on Etsy. Mesut is a full time craftsman, who is always working in his workshop. Even Nicole’s mother is the owner of her own event planning, catering and cake design company (

In the beginning of their business, they started with the traditional stands; rounds and squares, but also wanted to add color. Their color and design inspirations come from looking at anthing and everything. They love to work with different types of wood and you heard it here! They will be debuting there Cake Pop stands shortly, which will hold anywhere from 60 to 350!

I am attracted to absolutely every stand in Nicole’s shop, but choosing my top two favorites I would have to go with: First, the vintage green cupcake stand. As everyone may know, I am planning my twin boys first birthday and am making cupcakes for the guests. This stand would be stunning and elegant for the adults and still fit in with the colors and cheery playfulness of a child’s birthday.

Second I would definitely want to get my hands on the white square cupcake stand. It is stunning, elegant and very modern with the overall shape. I could use this stand for weddings, parties; I wish I had it during my sister’s engagement party. I could even see it doubling as a display for my soaps when I do shows. That would be an instant crowd draw.

Be sure to drop by Chloe’s Cake Stands and check out all of her amazing designs for your upcoming events and maybe even for display pieces for your shop or next show!

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