I have been so insanely busy I've barely had time to pop by and say hi. I'm pretty much going to do another recap on what's new and post some photography I've been hoarding. First, I think that my Virginia Living Magazine post renewing itself or whatever it did is the last blogger glitch I should have. What a pain in the hoohoo. It completely reposted and lost the comments. Bummer!

I've basically been up to the usual. I've had some really large orders come in over the past week that I am literally filling as we speak. I'm typing and making fresh loaves of soap to ship out. I'm also about to start prepping for my show this Saturday. I have most of the body soaps I think I want to bring. I have a new type I'm creating, well, one of two that I'm considering making tonight to bring to the show.

I'm also pretty sure I'm going to bring some solid shampoo and conditioner and maybe even some facial and shaving bars. I also have two new sections of my shop I'm diligently inventing that will be filled with new solid body care products I've never seen anywhere else. I'm so impatiently excited about the big reveal that I'm announcing the brainstorm now to release some of the excitement build up.

I have some big reviews and features coming out soon that I can't wait to share.

And finally, the kids birthday!!! It's just a little over a week away. I'm so excited. I finally decided permanently on my grandmothers pumpkin bars (homemade pumpkin cake) with cream cheese icing. I'm going to reinvent the wheel a bit and try replacing things with super healthy alternatives like organic, low fat, whole wheat unbleached flours, etc...Hopefully no one that is coming is reading this post because I don't want mind over matter to make them think it tastes healthy when I know it's still going to be sinfully decadent. I love cake!

Oh yeah, and my husband had to pull everything off my old computer and put it on our stationary computer. The hard drive on the laptop is super dead. Spiders, if they aren't nibbling on you in the middle of the night, they are breaking your electronics.          

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