Good Luck Bad Luck Bears

We have had a lot of giveth and taketh away over the last two weeks. As many know I dropped my lap top due to a hideous spider and broke the hard drive. Well, now I'm forced to use the stationary computer in my husband's office before the kids wake up in the morning, when they nap and after they go to bed at night if I'm not already trying to work on other things. Life for mothers (and stay at home dads) is hard and if I don't have the lap top, I can't get little things done while watching the kids at play.

To make matters even worse, the AC unit is not working. I woke up to an 80 degree downstairs. My only saving grace is that the upstairs was newly remodeled with a new AC that is pumping enough to cool the living room a bit. That's right, the day before the kids BIRTHDAY PARTY! It is about 68 degrees upstairs, 76 in the living room and 82 everywhere else. I'm sweating in the computer room which is extra hot from all the electronics.

On the giveth side, business is good. I have a few large wholesale orders that are going out for new shopping locations that picked up my brand. I guess on the plus side I don't need to use my double boiler, everything is already melted. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit...okay, a lot. Nothing is melting.

The kids seem to be fine in the bearable living room. They are still bundled up in pants from sleeping in the Rockies upstairs. I'm hoping the AC man will show up and save us all or that the rain cools off the day tomorrow or that I can locate my old window unit in the storage. Ugh! I'm baking 2 cakes for the kids and 2 dozen cupcakes for guests late tonight. It will probably hit 90 or so in the kitchen. Cross your fingers for us! Maybe I can change the birthday to a Deep South Summer theme, or Desert Wasteland theme. It would fit perfect with the lions and monkeys.

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