Hampton Market

The Downtown Hampton Market Place was amazing! The street where the event is located is so beautiful. The architecture is wonderful. It is one of those quant little places you discover like Ghent where there are unique shops like 'Something Different' and poppy little bars with outdoor dining you could easily see yourself visiting often.

On the other side of the street opposite the amazing local restaurants and shops is where the vendors set up. I didn't have time to get thorough pictures at this show before my stand got slammed. I'll definitely take the time to escape and capture some good photos next time.

I would estimate there were a few dozen vendors set up with items that ranged from upcycled home decor to stunning hand blown glass jewelry, handmade soaps and eco-friendly solid beauty products (THAT'S ME!) and more. To top it off were a collection of farms who brought their best fruits, vegetables, strawberries, handmade baked goods and fresh jarred honey.

The live music was amazing and the perfect touch. Did I mention the beer and bloody Mary's!? Yum! There were tables set out down the entire street for people to enjoy the beautiful weather, good food, drinks and fun and a kid bounce area where the kids were going crazy. I won't be at the show this upcoming Saturday because it is my twins first birthday and then they are closed June 4th for the Blackbeard festival. I'll be there again June 11th and every Saturday throughout the season from 9:00am-1:00pm. Be sure to come out and have some fun! For exact dates, address and times for this seasons Downtown Hampton Market Place, see the location information and calendar on my website:


The May 28th show that I won't be at is still strawberry week at the market. The live entertainment will be provided by Dave Crumpler and the featured artist is John Butler of Blue Skies Gallery. The following show on June 11th that I will be at (come look for me!) is local squash and cukes week, live entertainment by Mitch Foutz and featured artist Jeff Abrahamson, featured business Art by Gerome and an herbs and container planting seminar by Hampton’s Master Gardeners!

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