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I am a complete candle fanatic. If I know someone is coming over to visit me, I’ll make sure I light a well scented candle at least an hour in advance so my house smells warm and inviting. Some of my personal favorites are cinnamon, pine and anything that leaves a fresh baked smell like cookies or rich buttercream frosting. Thanks to a new up and coming Etsy shop, one of my new favorites is Lavender and I am now a soy candle girl.

Etsy Artist: Kristin

Etsy Shop: MiBellaCreations (click to visit)

Product: Soy Candles, Tarts, Crumbles and Hand Dipped Incense Sticks

Extra Bonus: Eco Friendly, Free Gift with Every Purchase, Family Owned and Operated, Amazing Scent Throw, Soot Free, Amazing Prices

Kristin always loved candles, but couldn’t find the perfect one. She wanted a candle where the scent would last the entire candle life and would burn clean. Always disappointed by the quality and scent throw, Mi Bella Creations began to emerge.

Kristin started experimenting with materials and blends to create the perfect eco-friendly candle that is safe for family and environment. After months of trialling with wax formulations she discovered all natural soy. All of her creations are completely vegetable based. They burn clean, last longer, and are scented with premium high quality fragrance oils.

Kristen is most inspired by nature. She tries to create with colors that resemble earth tones. Her one of a kind designs come from various sources of inspiration but one ingredient always remains the same, soy. When Kristen is not contemplating her next creation, she is a full time college student studying Cyber Defense.

I had the pleasure of sampling an amazing Lavender Mi Bella candle. The color is a rich, earthy lavender tone and the scent was soothing and tranquil. The candle, as promised, burned extremely clean. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I had no idea there was an alternative to a sooty regular wax candle. I have always spent tons of money on overly scented wax that has literally ruined walls it was too close to, has blackened my hands when reaching in to light the wick and have made the candle jar they come in look dirty after one short burning. Soy absolutely does the trick.

I love everything in Kristen’s shop, but two other products I would recommend besides her amazing lavender soy would be: First, Monkey Farts! How hilarious is that. It is a blend of bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, bubblegum, and strawberry. Not only is the name a conversation starter, but the candle itself is beautiful, the 6 ounce size will burn for 35 hours, the price is spot on and the scent combination sounds amazing.

Secondly I would choose the Fresh Baked Bread. That is truly one of a kind and peaks my curiosity. I love the smell of fresh baked bread and so does everyone else in my family. A candle that recreates that scent would be completely intoxicating. Seriously, kudos for this unique creation!

Be sure to visit MiBellaCreations for all of your normal household candle, tart, crumble and incense needs and unique gifts. Also be sure to follow on Twitter to receive current updates and information.

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