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I am a tinkerer and extreme lover of photography. Armed with a good camera, a not so great factory lense and Google I have been trying to teach myself the basics and beyond. I was feeling like my beginner skills were slightly improving until I ran into the coolest Etsy shop. For a photo to be transformed beyond a picture into actual art, it needs to leave a distinct impression and give a person a jolt; an actual physical reaction. When I was browsing through Misha’s photography I had one distinct feeling after the other and completely fell in love.

Etsy Artist: Misha

Etsy Shop: mishaashton (click to visit)

Product: Photography Prints, Woodblocks & Belt Buckles

Extra Bonus: A True Love for Photography Clearly Shows in Every Shot, Extremely Creative Film Developing Process That Creates Vivid Unique Photos, Cat Lover

Misha lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and silly black cat. She is a completely self-taught photographer (completely inspiring) that still shoots with 35mm film. She purposely and purposefully develops her film in the wrong chemicals to create one-of-a-kind images.

The talented art bug runs deep in her family. Her grandmother is a painter and her uncle and his wife are world famous artists. You can find her uncle Butch (Butch Anthony) at http://www.museumofwonder.com/ and Natalie (Alabama Chanin) at http://alabamachanin.com/.

Misha knew when she got her first camera at 14 that she wanted to live and breathe photography. She constantly takes photos everywhere she goes being drawn in by everything from ordinary day to day life to broken and dilapidated objects. Her first art show was in the hallway of her apartment building on Hawthorne. She matted about 20 of her images and taped them to the walls. She then set up a little table at the top of the stairs with handmade greeting cards and her images mounted on woodblocks. One of her friends stood down on the street luring people up. It was tons of fun and to her surprise, she sold a lot of art.

Misha also enjoys sandboarding, camping, bike riding, reading, crocheting (which her brother taught her), baking, pickling, jamming, hunting for great vintage finds and the list goes on! She is truly inspiring, creative, active and distinctive. What I love most about her is the way she is bold, brave and daring; especially when it comes to introducing herself to the world, like her first show. That is so inimitable and so Misha Ashton.

Every bit of her work is wholly inspiring, but if I had to pick two favorites from her shop they would be: First, her Modern Family Poppies. They are bold and sharp but still delicate and fragile. It’s strange because the first impression I get is poppy, light and fresh, then I almost get a sad feeling. It’s like they are feebly peeping up to say hi for a short glorious moment and then they’ll be gone. That is the life of a flower however.

My second favorite is Stuck on You. Now this just makes me laugh. I watch a lot of nature documentaries and have caught my fair share of octopus. They are so smart and silly, playful, skittish, effortlessly ethereal, but also clunky and unorganized with their tentacles flailing about like a newborn deer learning to walk. It’s almost as if the little guy is mooning me and it puts a smile on my face every time I see him.

Be sure to stop by Misha’s shop and check out her amazing abstract film photography. You can also visit her vintage Etsy shop by clicking HERE, follow on TWITTER and like on FACEBOOK to receive current updates and information.

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