The twins first birthday is coming up this month. I still can’t believe they are going to be a year old already. When you are in the middle of taking care of two infants, every day feels long and never ending. Okay, scratch that…the morning is quick and wonderful. It’s from about 4:00pm on that you are looking forward to baby bed time, kicking back and letting your mind wander to a place of fluffy nonsense. Then after a year goes by you realize it’s gone. The time has literally flown by.

I’ve been trying to keep it under wraps that I’ve been daydreaming of the kid’s birthday since the beginning of this year. I didn’t think I was the type. I thought a month before we would throw a little something together. Before I knew it I was thinking of cakes and invitations, who to invite, food - you name it.

I had all my own ideas, but of course I wanted to be considerate and run them by my husband. We finally decided on the dark monkey invitation. It turned out really cute. I was originally thinking the giraffes but Jaime is always attracted to dark colors. I’m happy with it.

We’re having a catered BBQ late lunch rendezvous. It will be all immediate family and a few friends that live really close by. The only thing I have to tackle now that the catering is pre ordered is the cake. I’m not completely settled on a type yet. I’m thinking two individual cakes for the kids to rip to shreds and then cupcakes for everyone else. I don’t think we’re planning a theme. I’m pretty sure since it is mostly for the adults at this early age I’ll make sure it’s a little elegant, there is plenty of beer, wine and good food and call it a day.

I could use some cake ideas if anyone has some suggestions. I don’t like carrot cake, but I was leaning towards a homemade carrot with cream cheese icing. I pretty much want something I can create as natural as possible. With carrot cake I know it has carrot, I could maybe use wheat flour, high grade extracts, herbs and the icing would have cheese - that counts as a dairy serving. Like I said, open to suggestions.

I’ll be sure to share lots of pictures and keep everyone updated on how things change and develop.

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