Sheer Genius (In My Head Anyway)

This morning when the kids were whining for an early bottle I decided to get a little payback. Instead of nicely feeding them in their room and letting them sleep a few more hours, I made them wake up. Well, it's 11:00am here, I'm blogging, have showered and mostly prepped for my show except wrapping and the kids are what...taking nap 1 of what I'm sure will be a 2 part event today. I am so tired. This is going to be a long day followed by another long one tomorrow.

Some exciting news I do finally have - one of my new shop sections is launched. I've been formulating the perfect lotion bars for some time now and have officially reached my eureka moment. I had a lot of expectations for these bars.

I got everything I ever wanted and more. I invented two types that are organic and vegan. The first bar, my Cocoa Cream solid lotion, is scent additive and color additive free and suitable for all skin types including super sensitive. The bar is beautifully solid but melts like cream when exposed to the skin. To test if my formulation was perfect I used it on my legs after shaving multiple times and with multiple recipes (ouch!). That is the best test because a bar that is too hard will irritate the skin. It took a lot of trial and error, but I hit this one out of the park.

The second bar is the same base formulation as the Cocoa Cream but is specifically formulated to ward of insects. This new bar is called Citronella Cream. After forming my base I blend in the perfect amounts of 100% certified pure and certified organic essential oils of citronella, rosemary and eucalyptus. My back yard during spring and summer is a mosquito haven and made for the perfect test area. It took a few close calls with yellow fever, but I found the perfect blend. It's funny because one would think just citronella or lemongrass would do the trick but it really didn't. It took the perfect balance of citronella, rosemary and eucalyptus and they wouldn't come near me.

Bye bye old lotion and SUPER HAPPY bye bye to all the thick sticky bug repellents and oily natural sprays! As always, you can find both items in my main website and in my Etsy shop. The links are in the right sidebar in the 'Click to visit my online shops' section. Don't forget about father's day - men always need a good bug repellent.

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