She’s Gonna Blow!

Not really, but man do I want to slap myself. I ordered new business cards a few weeks ago and have been waiting excitedly like a kid on Christmas morning for them to arrive. Wouldn’t you know that I added my Etsy website instead of my personal website! Argh! I’m so used to typing it I must have gone into a zone and put it down in place of I guess the only saving grace is the fact that I order in small batches. One hundred of them gone and I can order another batch with the correct website.  By the way, the colors in person are a million times sharper than they are showing up on this blog.  I did a cruddy quick scan.

P.S. A big glass of vegetable juice and a plate of greasy Chinese for breakfast, not good! I take that back - tastes good at the time, doesn’t feel good later.    

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