I have always been very into watching the History, Science, Discovery and any other educational channels. Most people will cringe at the thought thinking back at old war documentaries and other things their dad may have fallen asleep to on the couch. They have the most intriguing shows. A few that I've recently been glued to the TV over were some documentaries on brain exploration and the gifts that fall on the other side of autism. Absolutely amazing.

A new series that I highly recommend is one that my husband and I actually stayed up until 2:00am last night to keep viewing, 'Ancient Aliens' the series from the History channel. It is available on Netflix right now. It is the most amazing mix of thrilling archeological finds, religious stories from all areas of the world, Greek mythology and more theorized on by some of the most brilliant minds. It is absolutely mind expanding.

I really enjoy watching and imagining, dreaming and creating my own thoughts and theories on the subject. It's an amazing new way to view and investigate the world. Even if you aren't an alien believer, it is well worth it just to catch up on world religion, mythology, old and current archeological gems.

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