Skeletons in the Closet

The weekend was an extremely eventful one. We started with our Farmer’s Market show on Queens Way in Hampton. It was such a slow day because of a huge festival going on just down the street from us, but it didn’t rock our business much. We had our regulars plus some really wonderful new visitors and had such a good morning; a couple spicy Bloody Mary’s from Scott didn’t hurt a bit either.

Typically after a long show day I pass out for an hour on the couch and resume normal activity with Jaime and the kids. Well, this particular day we loaded up on Starbucks and headed out to Busch Gardens. A word to the wise, don’t forget to pack all of your bottle supplies. Nowhere in Busch Gardens do they sell bottles, nipples or even no spill sippy cups. Your kids will die of thirst.

Sunday we managed to muster up enough energy to hit Water Country for the first time with the kids. Now, I’m still confused. What do you do with diapers!? I did some research and found swim diapers, but they look like pull up, heavily decorated regular diapers. I’m thinking it’s just another ploy like sleeping diapers so you have to buy a billion different types. We used a regular diaper, Speedo diaper cover thingy and swim trunks with mesh diaper support (at least that’s what I think it’s for.) Is it normal to have a 20 pound diaper full of pool water? Is there something else out there? I’ve never dealt with this before and if there is another option, I’d like to know…please share tips. Carrying twins that are literally 50% water weight is a pain in the back.

I designed some new business cards. My taste changes very often and even though it costs a bit more to order in small increments, I love changing my business card designs all the time. I’m stoked about the way they turned out. My photos of the cards don’t look the best; they are brighter and perfectly evenly spaced. I was doing a quick photo in uneven natural light outside while the kids nap, but you can see the general design.

And last but certainly not least…I’m coming out of the closet!!! Don’t have a heart attack just yet mom and dad…I mean the TV closet. I’m finally, after 3 seasons of closeted embarrassment, willing to admit that I LOVE TRUE BLOOD! Ugh! I love the cheesy acting, Sci-Fi layout, Eric is SO SEXY and I can’t get enough of the story line. I am such a dork when it comes to mythology. Season 4 kicked off this past weekend and I am so happy to have something nerdy to look forward to. True Blood!! TRUE BLOOD!!! LOL!

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