Skin Deep

I wanted to share an amazing site that a good friend of mine passed on to me this week. The data base is called Skin Deep (CLICK HERE TO VISIT). I highly suggest adding this site to your internet favorites and here is why:

You can take any household beauty product - baby wash, lotion, facial cream, body wash, bar soap, deodorant, perfume, etc… - run it through the data base and receive a report within seconds that will clearly lay out each ingredient with any and every red flag; overall hazard, cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity hazards and use restrictions notice. Then it will lay out the concerns in order of highest to lowest.

You would think you wouldn’t need such a thing, but run a few of your every day products through the data base and you might be surprised. For products I don’t yet produce I was using Burt’s Bees and I was surprised to learn they are a pretty big offender. I’ve personally run all of my products through the data base and was extremely pleased to receive ratings of 0 or 1 which is about as perfect as you can get on the health scale. Thanks to Liz my twin boys have been 100% switched to my handmade products only; no more Bees.

Photo: owlpostmagic

Thank you again Liz, I can’t thank you enough for the invaluable pass on. Don’t forget to visit her lovely Etsy shop by CLICKING HERE!

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