Insanity is our Norm

Random Num Nums

As usual the weekend was crazy staring early - I would say around Thursday. The secret I was keeping about Jaime’s new suit was that he was being flown out to Missouri for a job interview. I spent a long day that began at 3:30am with the kids and didn’t end until well after 11:00pm. We found out Friday afternoon that we are moving just over 1,143 miles away in less than two weeks!

Random Market Photo I Found Laying Around

Preparing for the possibility of that exact news I had been running around like crazy scheduling movers to give us estimates, looking into the highest rated homes and areas, etc…Pile on lots of orders, wholesale flying out like crazy, trying to make adjustments with local shops, my sister’s wedding dress search, the bridesmaid dress search, and more…and you’ve created the perfect amount of stress for stomach ulcers, migraines and general insanity.

Boredom Sweeping the Household

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the move, give helpful hints for relocating families and share the skinny on what an 18 hour drive with one year old twins is like. I may need medication after this little venture.

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