Everyone has always told us that kids grow fast, enjoy it while it lasts. For me it has lasted forever! I’m more of a hands on, let’s play games together kind of person. Don’t get me wrong, babies are CUTE, but they are also completely dependent. We’ve been enjoying the growth spurts over the past few months and have finally been able to have some of the fun we’ve been looking forward to.

Eli has been scaling the furniture, or cruising like they like to coin it now, taking first steps, trying to climb anything that gives him a leg up, grabbing anything and everything, pulling things off walls, tables; you name it. We use to have over a dozen nice wine glasses and we’re down to one; coffee cups are also scarce.

Parker is still just crawling around super speed and happy with that. It’s been a trend that Eli starts doing something, Parker observes for a week or so and then starts doing it out of nowhere with no problem like he’s been doing it the entire time. When Eli was learning to crawl he literally drug his self around on his stomach for a month before he finally got the hang of propelling forward in his crawl. Parker sat around and never even tried. One day I looked down and he was gone. He used to sit by my legs and play with my feet all day. When I finally found him he was crawling full speed from one side of the room to the other like a pro. I’m waiting for him to stand up, walk over to me and demand something from me any day now.

We’re looking forward to living in our new place in MO. We have everything set up, just need to pack and be on our way. They have a really nice pool that I’m dying to teach the kids to swim in and a workout room I desperately need to use.

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