Settling In

I have actually been able to get our family about 90% settled in to our new digs. We downsized from 4 bedrooms to 2 - leaving a lot of our stuff behind made unpacking a breeze. The neighborhood is safe, gated and really amazing. You would never know that a mile from our home is the city. The way we are tucked and perfectly hidden away feels like we are still living in suburbia.

We've done a little exploring and plan to discover further this weekend. We are minutes away from every shop, restaurant and food delivery we could possibly want or need. In our community alone we have a fitness center, pool, hot tub, jacuzzi, nature trails, trash valet, valet dry cleaning service; you name it. They also cut the lawn like a golf course. I have no idea how they do it, but I'll be looking out for them next Monday to take notes. It's going to be an adjustment having people take care of things for us and then move back into a house where we are responsible. I'll try not to get too used to being spoiled.

The kids and I have the run of the place during the day. We play, cook, keep a steady flow of educational TV on in the background for noise, walk; we have lots of fun. I will say however, the weather is HOT! People walk around here like it's nothing. Two minutes in the sun and I feel like a baked Lays. We're like a little vampire family only coming out after about 6:00pm. It gives us just enough sun and heat to enjoy the pool and other outdoor activities for a few hours without giving us a heat stroke.

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