The 15 Month Wait

Jaime is an iffy gifter. He usually doesn't get me anything and we go out to dinner for holidays and special occasions. Every once in a while he'll get me something and it's always the best gift ever. I actually prefer it that way because I'm always in the mood for good food, but I don't necessarily always need something. Instead of scrambling to figure what I might like but don't even want and making him scramble to get it, it's saved for the rare occasions when I want.

One of the things he surprised me with was a jogging stroller pre-birth (smart man). I desperately wanted to have a way to exercise with the kids and drop the after baby weight. New babies, especially two of them, are way too dependent and insane to find an entire 30 minutes for a legit workout and you must be crazy if you think you're going to get a shower when you do find the time. We got the stroller and a few months later came babies. It wasn't until the first time we tried to load them up at about 8 weeks of age, that we realized it is made for kids 18 months and up! They did not fit in it at all - it was ridiculous.

After 15 months of waiting, yesterday was the day. They loved it so much more than the regular stroller. They were laughing and playing and bonding the entire walk. It was also so much easier to push. We have hiking trails around our home and they are winding, hilly and some twist and bend and it's a fight to keep the regular stroller from rolling off into the woods. The new stroller strolled like it was on rails. Later today we're thinking of checking out this huge farm with long walking trails so we can off road with it. I highly suggest a jogging stroller for anyone looking to have fun with their kids and sneak in a workout.

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