A Cut Above

Or maybe below, LOL - So, for now, before my kids are susceptible to the peer pressure of fitting in and having the best of everything, I have been cutting there hair myself.  I typically just pull their hair through my fingers and everything that sticks way over I chop into in no particular design.  I don't cut there hair for aesthetic reasons so I don't worry too much about overall look.  It really is for the practical - I don't want hair in their eyes or getting long enough for it to get stuck when they are cramming themselves into every area in the house or throwing themselves over there couch; I also don't want them getting too hot.

Parker Before Cut

Eli Before Cut

Here, it is way hotter than it was at home.  Yesterday hit a whopping 108 degrees.  It was so hot it felt like when you open the oven.  It sort of takes your breath away when you first step outside before your body starts to adjust.  I have been wanting to take a lot more hair off with the buzz clippers and, of course, there dad isn't much for change so he said no.  When I felt the heat and saw my kids little apple red faces, it was on.  When Jaime went to work I went to town on those moppy heads, WITH CLIPPERS!

Parker Slicked Down After Cut

Eli Slicked Down After Cut

I was very nervous when I first started, but let's face it, even if they looked bad people are sweet about babies and would never tell me so I kept going.  I went a little shorter on the back and sides and left a bit of length on the top.  It's not the best cut, but it is about the extent of my skills as a barely experienced hair stylist.  I'm sure it will look a little less fresh in a few days.  I'm going to do a little research online and figure out how to do a better job next time and I'll find some good styles for boys with curly hair.

Eli All Dry

Parker All Dry
Eli This Morning After Sleeping On It

Parker This Morning After Sleeping On It

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