I Was So Bad

My guilty pleasure food is Chinese all the way. It always puts a smile on my face and one good dose keeps me eating properly for a week. On my random list of what I love about our new city, delivery Chinese weighs in the top 10. We have a great place just down the street from us that makes the first clean Chinese food I've ever had. It's very healthy in comparison; food is actually grilled, baked and steamed instead of all deep fried and pan fried in oil. After working my tail off yesterday I felt a deep rumbling in my tummy around 2:00pm and put in an order. I killed a plate full of shrimp lo mein, crab rangoons, butterfly shrimp, shrimp toast, beef sticks and I won't even mention what I went back for the second time around. I was tearing everything up with such ferocity that I think I traumatized the kids.

Later that night...

Mua hahaha hahaha hahhahaha!

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