Inspired by Fall

I am constantly influenced every day by the things that I experience.  Lately, even in the dead heat of summer, I have been feeling pink, rosy and very Fall.  The following are 3 new in shop creations directly influenced by the upcoming season change.

Lavender Rose Palmarosa Bath Cakes 
A stress relieving blend of lavender essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, real rose and rose kaolin clay. Special additives for even more skin soothing, therapeutic and softening qualities are dead sea salt, jojoba oil, vitamin E, chamomile extract, green and white tea extract and cocoa butter. The lavender is an excellent tonic for the nerves helping to sooth emotional stress and relieve aches and pains, palmarosa is extremely hydrating helping to retain moisture and relieve inflammation and rose leaves skin shiny, fresh and youthful.

100% natural with no added artificial scents, colorants or other chemicals. The Lavender Rose Palmarosa is colored naturally with rose kaolin clay.

What is a bath cake? Sometimes called bath truffles, bath bombs and bath fizzies. They are a blend of pure essential oils, detoxifying salts, herbs, botanicals, natural sugars, extracts and oils. When set in the bath they naturally bubble and release the specialty blend of ingredients into your tub. It is an easy way to give yourself a special therapeutic, spa like treatment at home. Much loved accompaniments are soft music, dim lighting or candle light, a glass of ice cold water and fresh cucumber slices to place over the eyes.  

Sweet Rose Facial Purifying Bar

A new edition to my spa facial creations. Each bar contains a special mix of organic oils for moisture retention and antibacterial properties and extremely mild rose kaolin clay to help with deep cleansing and blemish prevention. The rose kaolin clay gives this mild facial cleanser its natural pink hue. Essential oil of sweet orange is added for extra anti inflammatory, anti septic and deep detoxifying benefits. This special blend is perfect to maintain healthy, smooth and glamorous skin.

Soft Rose Handmade Soap

An incredibly romantic blend of rose, lily, mandarin, gardenia and iris. This soap is soft, sexy, feminine, alluring and uplifting. Topped with real rose buds, petals and leaves and colored naturally with rose kaolin clay.

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