KC Restaurants

The kids have me up early again today. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a sleep until noon type, but I have always liked to sleep until around 10:00am if the option was available. I purposely tried to train the kids to sleep late early so when they started going through the 'wake up early' stage, early would be 9:00am at the latest. Pfffftttt - It's been 7:00am for weeks now. Strangely, I'm getting used to it and having all my work done by noon feels pretty good. They can relax in the AM and do a bit of their own thing then we hang the rest of the day and have family fun.

We had a nice weekend. One thing that Jaime and I have been trying to do is eat our way through Missouri. I'm a big food person and over the years it has totally rubbed off on him. We like to try dives that people say are the best - anything from a trunk vendor to a fancy French restaurant on a rotating roof top and everything in between. Sunday Jaime's dad came into town and we got to knock one of our few dozen hopefuls off our list.

If you have never eaten at a traditional Brazilian restaurant, I suggest you try it once at least for the experience (unless you are a vegetarian). At Em Chamas we started with some fresh Brazilian drinks, two strawberry and a mango for me. You load up at the salad and side bar to get your salad, vegetables and starches then at your table you flip a coin when you are ready for your meat service. They have an assortment of over 2 dozen different meats that come out on huge skewers and I swear they serve with machetes. Anything you want to try, they slice a fresh piece off for you at the table. You accept and decline until you are satisfactorily loaded up, then flip your coin to stop until you are ready for more.

I'm more of a vegetarian and seafood person myself but gave it a try for the red meat kings. I ended up enjoying it a lot. I had a ton of salad and did try quite a few concoctions and was extremely happy. Hubby said it could end up being his new favorite place. Now, I can't eat red meat like that, but I would happily take him a few times a year for special man occasions like his birthday, father's day and maybe one or two surprise trips for no particular reason. Oh yeah, and mango cheesecake is awesome!

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