Monday Chatter

I don't know how I've found the time looking back, but I have been cooking a lot the past week.  I've made everything from pasta to salads to fresh fruit and vegetable juices and even baked apples when I was dying for an apple pie.  My bad computer karma has also swung back in full force causing one of our hard drives to fail.  I must have been a computer thief in a past life to cause myself all of these problems.

The kids got a chance to play in the pool over the weekend.  My sun block for babies is no joke.  We were in the sun for at least an hour and they are still as white as Mondays are long.  I use the same sun block but cut mine with more of my regular lotion so it is only an SPF of around 20-30.  I barely have a little golden color.

We're pretty much doing the same old thing in a new place for now.  We're planning on hitting some new territory in the next week or so after we are completely settled.  For now it's mostly the pool, nature trails, a little shopping and I have been completely putting off unpacking our bedroom.  In only a few days I had our entire home organized, including the garage, but threw my hands up when I finally got to our bedroom.  I guess I subconsciously need one pigsty room.

We have been driving around checking out real estate also.  I can't get over the cost of housing here.  A 3000 square foot home in an amazing neighborhood with 2 car attached garage, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, full finished walk out basement, fireplace and more is the standard home around here and they are all around $189,000, NEW!  Something like that in the Hampton Roads, VA area would easily be $300,000 or more.  It's unbelievable.

BTW, Best low fat Blue Cheese dressing ever!

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