My New, New Phone

It's Only as Smart as the Person Operating It
I never used to be a very technologically advanced person. In fact, before I went to college for Business Management I didn't feel comfortable doing anything on a computer except surfing the net and using Word 2000. Late 2010 a lot of my 'I don't like change' attitude got put to rest when I had to upgrade my phone from an original refurbished Razr.

The Twins at 6 Months - I Can't Believe
How Much They've Grown Since Then

Having to watch everything I keep track of, my husband pushed me to get a phone with internet access and a swaray of notifications. Christmas almost killed me trying to run two super busy shops, a large social network, take care of twin boys that were only 6 months old and keep up with family holiday obligations. I was running to any computer around every hour. I practically lived on my laptop.

This Isn't Soooo Bad
I loved my new phone. It took a little getting used to, but it is a lifesaver when you can renew, blog, tweet and everything else on the road. The last thing I still haven't got used to, AND NEVER WILL, is the GPS. I hate that thing! I'm a 'get it at Mapquest' and print it out type of girl ALL THE WAY! I was meeting family to search for wedding dresses for my sister's wedding when Jaime convinced me to try and use the GPS again. For starters I wanted to take 664 instead of 64 and the phone told me to take every exit to pull a U and get back on 64...ARGH!

The Murder
Twenty exits of that and I gave in and took a familiar looking exit. Luck would have it my stupid smart phone was sitting in the sun, got fried and SHUT DOWN! I was really mad by now. It was hot outside, my phone was yelling at me every mile and I was lost in the city with no paper mapquest directions, just a fried phone. I cooled it off by holding it in front of the AC, was driving all over the place while I waited, got it turned back on and the battery was dying. Lucky me, I found the charger to charge the phone with the cigarette lighter. It wouldn't stay plugged in!!! I called my husband, mad as ANYTHING by this point and started tearing him a new one. He told me I had to wrap the cord around the phone because something was wrong with it and it was loose. I cursed a lot, hung up on him , twisted the cord around that sucker while cursing some more and strangled the thing to death. The poor little prongs ripped right out of the charger hole. It was a goner.

The Replacement
So, I reverted back to one of my old tucked away Razr's for the past month and have been checking the computer every hour. My new phone replacement just arrived yesterday and it gave me a dirty look the second I opened the box. I'm thinking of putting it next to the one I strangled for a few days so it knows who's boss.

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