My Shopping List Part 1

I have two online websites that I run - One is my main website and my other is Etsy.  Being an Etsy seller I have had the opportunity to be exposed to some of the most amazing shops and unique handmade items from sellers and creators that are beyond talented.  Every now and again I get on a kick where I look through shops and drool over a long list of items I feel I need!  Today I'm sharing the top 5 items on my shopping list from Etsy of over 100 fabulous overall finds.

Photo courtesy of WowWall

1.) WowWall ~ I've been a big fan of vinyl wall decor since my loft style apartment in the city a few years ago.  It is an amazing, inexpensive way to add flare, interest, depth and creativity to any lifeless area of your home.  They have stunning designs for every room all in modern, trendy and completely unique designs. 

Photo courtesy of tartsweets
2.) tartsweets ~ I love homemade baked goods and tartsweets simply stunning treats look like the perfect accompaniment to any meal.  They are not too over the top so they also seem like they would be completely acceptable for a not sickeningly sweet afternoon treat or even morning with a cup of coffee.  I have my eye on their White Chocolate Chai Cookies and PaPa's Peanut Brittle for starters.

Photo courtesy of monkeyandsquirrel
3.) monkeyandsquirrel ~ Home of unique cast iron home decor.  The designs are fun, sometimes quirky and the craziest blend of modern and vintage.  I'm actually surprised at some of the items I am dying to have.  I love the Skeleton Key Coat Hanger, Rustic Horse Door Knocker and most everything else from the shop to be honest. 

Photo courtesy of VintageConfections
4.) VintageConfections ~ I fell in love with this Etsy shop fast and hard.  Their collection of hard candy creations look as tasty as they are visually tantalizing.  I want to try everything from the Pumpkin Cheesecake Lollipops to the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Mustaches on a Stick, Filigree Numbers and more!

Photo courtesy of BellaShveya
5.) BellaShveya ~ This shop has the cutest and simplest perfectly adorned clutches and little purses.  I have my eye on three of their lovely little creations including the Starfish design - Too cute!

Just remember that these are only 5 amazing shops out of thousands on Etsy with stunning self spoiling and gifting items from accessories, art, purses, bath and beauty, pottery, plants and edibles to vintage, woodworking and more!  Especially for your special occasions, remember to check out Etsy before settling on the usual.

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