My Shopping List Part 2

I've decided to take on a bit of a healthier eating plan. I would like over the next month or two to drop this pesky after twins 5-10 pounds that is sticking to me like glue. I'm not doing anything major - I'm basically getting control over what I eat when snacking down and making sure I move around for at least 20 minutes a day. Today I'm totally living out my food fantasies. I have a dream shopping list that is forever growing larger - I suspect most people do. When I see something I really want but can't justify spending the money on it right then and there, I jot it down on my list.  Today - 5 of my fabulous food finds.

Photo Courtesy of See's Candies

1.) See's Candies ~ See's has been in business since the early 1900's and they still have their same classic, amazing old time recipes. I fell in love with them about 9 years ago when I worked in a chiropractic office. My boss would get gifts from clients and would usually share with us gals. Well, when See's would roll in he would hide them in his desk. We would sneak in his office and eat them all the time. I've been a faithful client of the company since. Online you can create a custom assortment. I want a 1 pound box full of nothing but the brittles and caramel nut combo squares.

Photo Courtesy of See's Candies

This is going to be tough, my mouth is watering already...

Photo Courtesy of Vosges Chocolate

2.) Vosges Chocolate ~ I started ordering from Vosges a few years ago when I was trying to find something really special for Jaime. He swears he's not a dessert person, but he won't pass up eating a dozen gourmet truffles. This place is beyond amazing. I've had my eye on the Collezione Italiana set for a long, long, long time! They are truffles filled with really amazing ingredients like taleggio cheese, balsamic vinegar, pine nuts, sicilian sea salt caramel, tahitian vanilla get the idea. This is a special place you go when you want something uniquely designed and completely entrancing. They have the best gift sets, vegan options, wine and beer sets, candy bars, bacon and chocolate - Amazing!

Photo Courtesy of Whitley's Peanut Factory

3.) Whitley's Peanut Factory ~ I was literally just talking with my mom about this place this morning. It is an old family favorite. We had one of the locations right down the street from us growing up. My mother is putting a package together for us and I 'joked' about throwing in some peanut fudge. I totally don't need it, but I know I'll be breaking down to order some one day. I've had a lot of different peanut fudge, but Whitley's is the uncontested best. It's rustic and roasted unlike any other type I've ever had.

Photo Courtesy of All Jarred Up

4.) All Jarred Up ~ Home of scrumptious handmade treats in a jar. This is a fantastic Etsy find. I am always adding Etsy shops to my hit list. They have a great selection of classic pies in a jar, breads in a jar, cookies in a jar, syrups, sauces and more. Being a classic pie lover I have my eye on the apple.

Photo Courtesy of Cajun Grocer

5.) Cajun Grocer ~ Not a dessert, but an amazing Cajun food find. My mother's side of the family is from the Louisiana, New Orleans area. Visiting them we always got our fill of traditional Cajun treats like real fresh made pork rinds, boudin, king cake, popcorn balls - the list goes on. Not too long after Katrina most of the family relocated to Texas so the option of flying down is slim without family to crash. I found this little gem online when I was dreaming of andouille. I want to put in a couple hundred dollar order and load up on everything I've named in this section so far PLUS some gumbo, crawfish pie, muffuletta makings, poboy kits, Cafe Du Monde Beignet mix...Nummers! Pretty much one of everything.

Okay, so that is only 5 of about 100 food finds on my shopping list. I am so hungry! I'm going to peruse the cabinetry for something decent to snack on to keep my sudden food crazy cravings at bay. Happy Shopping!

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