My Shopping List Part 3

As most may know, Jaime and I have been moving a lot over the past 5 years. Since we've moved in with each other we've had 6 moves - the most recent being a 1143 mile move from the East coast to the mid-west a month ago. We have moved so many times that I now refuse to buy furniture to fit new home layouts or hang any type of home decor until after we buy a house. I want to know that I'm going to get at least 5 years use out of a new style. Today's shopping list is my top 5 hopefuls for our new home next year. For anyone whose keeping count, it will be move 7 in 6 years.

Photo Courtesy of RoomStore

1.) RoomStore ~ It doesn't get any easier than this! Even if you don't purchase every single piece straight from them, they at least have great guides to follow for expertly designed interiors. I'll have a vision in my head and it always fall short in person. I'm going to be ordering full living room, dining room, bedroom sets and anything else I can find. I'm copying it down to the last detail - I'm in for shelving, wall decor, area rugs - the works. I'll fill in other blank spaces such as bathrooms, hallways, the kitchen, etc...with my own personal touches, but am certainly planning to consult and purchase from RoomStore for my overall look in larger areas.

Photo Courtesy of BootsNGus

2.) BootsNGus ~ No shopping list is complete without at least one fabulous Etsy find. They have amazing sets and pieces I have my eye on for kitchen apparel and maybe something unique that the kids would love like the Mason Jar Chandeliers. I love all of the vintage finds - the pear shaped sugar bowl, hippo cookie jar and snack sets are absolute must haves for adding my own personal flair and helping to upcycle.

Photo Courtesy of The Pottery Barn

3.) The Pottery Barn ~ I currently have an all white bedroom set. I like all white because it looks beautiful and shows off my cleaning skills (when I use them). My set is really nice, but I'm ready for an upgrade. They have an all white bed set section that makes piecing together an entire set a cinch. I'm thinking of going with the Cameron organic set. I like the mix of white and cream for light accenting.

Photo Courtesy of John Louis Home

4.) John Louis Home ~ Home of amazing closet organizers. Jaime and I prefer places with large walk in closets because we have a lot of stuff. Especially with Jaime being a hoarder, we need extra space to hang useless things so he feels complete. When we purchase a home, large walk ins are on our must have list. The problem is, just because there is a lot of space, it doesn't mean it's taken advantage of fully. Without a nice closet organizing system a lot of area is completely wasted. I'd like to purchase small and large organizers for all the closet space in our entire home.

Photo Courtesy of IKEA

5.) IKEA ~ This piece of my wish list may be a little over the top, but it's for my studio and Jaime's office. Ikea has amazing sets and workspace ideas that actually give you the room to work. There clean designs are very soothing and not too over the top so they don't cloud creativity. It truly is a place to get away, work, dream and feel good while doing it. I'd like a lot of cabinetry and a large work table for my studio and for Jaime, a nice desk with lots of hanging organizational shelving.

This list will never end. There are so many other areas like the kitchen, bathroom, basement - what if we have a living room and family room!? Then there are breakfast nooks and formal dining - not to mention my taste changes constantly. In the end I'll replace a lot of the more costly pieces with self refinished vintage finds and great deals from random places, but this is a great jumping off point for layout ideas.  If anyone knows of places for great area rugs, vintage decor, art, etc...please pass on names and links!  I cold use all the help I can get.

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