Really! It's Only Monday!?

Today has been a ridiculously hectic day already. I worked all morning then decided to try and tackle our bedroom alone. OMG - the photo is of the room when I was working on making it 'better.' Everything was semi-organized in piles so I didn't realize how bad it really was. I kept pulling out clothes and had a dozen large mounds and the main mountain didn't seem to budge! The kids were trying to 'help' me which basically means climb all over piles, knock them over, throw clothes and hide toys in them. I had to put on a mind numbing episode of Yo Gabba Gabba to buy myself the 30 minutes to finish the job without interruption.

Today I'm running out to the store to expand on organizational swag for my studio. I'm going to pick up at least a tall 4 shelf cabinet. I'd really like to get a large wall shelf for all of my essential oils. I'm sort of preparing already for the Christmas rush that starts pretty heavy duty early November. One other thing on my shopping list is a wagon for the kids. When we were at the zoo Saturday everyone had 2 seat wagons with a canopy. I found the perfect one and am so excited to pick it up. It has a storage area, seat belts, enough room in between the kids for them to play, a folding handle for easy travel and pack away, a small table so they can eat, 2 kids cup holders, 2 adult cup holders and more! It's everything I ever wanted.

I Want This SOOOOOOO Bad

Some other random things going on - I am totally addicted to solid sugar scrub, juicing and cheesecake!

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