Reflection Collection Sunday

Favorite Quotes
"Just another dumb baby stealing all the air from us smart people." ~ Angelica (Rugrats)

"It's not just itching, it's the crack crawlies. I've seen it before; I've lived through it!" ~ Officer Wilson Sweet (In the Heat of the Night)

"It sounds like an octopus washing windows." ~ Foofa (Yo Gabba Gabba)

"When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone. Now I realize I should have been more specific." ~ Lily Tomlin

"I'm going to go back to my PLAIN house, take two Tylenol, pour myself a glass of wine and call you a b*tch." ~ Kim (Yes Dear)

My Memorable Quotes
"True comfort is when 'someone' in your house is not only pooping with the door open and making business calls, but comes leaning out with pants around ankles to grab mail, sits back down on the pot and doesn't care that you could see the entire thing - and then leans a head out and asks for a pen." ~ Classic man move

"The thing I love most about growing up is eating whatever I want, when I want. I just had a huge bowl of uncooked chocolate cake mix and guzzled milk straight out of the carton in front of the fridge with the fridge door wide open." ~ A thought on growing up

"I did not know that cats can run 12 mph. I didn't even know my cat could walk. Maybe he was narcoleptic." ~ Remembering my lazy cat Mooch

"I’m wondering why my kids diapers don’t hold anywhere near 16-28 pounds like it says on the box." ~ A thought on the frailty of diaper design

"Peanut butter on crackers! I love it when I remember an old favorite and it turns out to be better than ever - Only problem is, now that I’m an adult there is no one to stop me from eating a billion of them…I feel sooooooooo sick." ~ Life lessons

"Stinky baby bath day! They are so nasty I'm afraid soap will make them dissolve." ~ Reflections of a new mom

"It looks like someone murdered a clown in our living room!" ~ About Jaime's 2 foot purple stain on the new carpet

10 Months Ago - The First Documented Case of Stinky Face

A Christmas Story
I was cooking in the kitchen one afternoon around Christmas 2010. The twins were real young and just starting to get around. I'm petrified of spiders so naturally I freaked out when I saw the shadow of a big scary bug by the back door. In our old home giant wolf spiders use to get in constantly so I didn't waste any time. I grabbed my shoe and threw it from across the room smashing the spider flat. I had never been so proud - It was a total Barbarian move. Very nervous, I turned the shoe over to make sure it was dead and it was a TURD! It had rolled out of my son Parker's diaper.

Memory of the Day
When I was growing up we would travel to Louisiana and Ohio often to visit family. Back then no one really flew so it was a lot of long drives with plenty of time to think. Every trip I would stare at the rooftop cargo carriers people had on the tops of their vehicles. We had a lot of cats back then - always about 6 or more at a time. I thought the cargo carriers were cat litter boxes; I mean hey, they look exactly the same as the litter boxes with lids. After countless trips wondering how they work I finally broke down and asked my parents - "Do people stop and put there cats in the cat boxes or do they keep the cats in there the whole time?" After explaining what I had been thinking we all got a good laugh - for years.

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