What to Expect

So, the drawing for the Milk and Honey Naturals giveaway will be done tonight at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. I've been so excited to announce a winner that I've been running my numbers through the random counter and looking to see who it lands on just for fun. I feel like one of The Price is Right girls! I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow and will still be having a new edition of Giveaway Thursday full of quality blog giveaways. I love being able to support small business, handmade businesses and personal blogs - we're going to have everything from jewelry to beauty, clothing, food, kid finds and more!

I already have an amazing new giveaway for the month of September lined up. I can't wait to announce this shop and the prize. I actually have two very big Etsy shops lined up for the month of September and October and am so excited to be working with them. The new giveaway for September is going to be announced this Friday, September 2nd. The new giveaway will be running the entire month of September so you'll have plenty of time to enter and lots of chances to win. This is going to be the easiest giveaway to enter in the world and SPOILER - we even get an exclusive discount code!

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