30 Day Shred

Jaime and I gained a lot of weight during my twin pregnancy. I hit 198 at the heaviest part of my double trouble gestation. A year later and I had a measly 10 too tired to care pounds sticking to me. Jaime has a good 20 pounds that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon either. Moving we’ve had the luxury of extra time to get back into our old healthful habits. So far I’ve lost around 6-8 pounds with my old easy eating plan and a lot of inches. I’ll be sure to share that soon for anyone who is interested in effortlessly dropping back to their natural base weight.

For exercise we have been walking 30-60 minutes a day with the kids and toning twice a week. Thanks to my wonderful friend Jessica Craig of irocksowhat blog (thank you Jess!), I’ve been introduced to 30 Day Shred. She actually found the program a little too easy and decided to try P90X. I have used and loved P90X. It completely shred me from head to toe. Between the twins, which are a marathon in themselves, my business, newer social obligations (Mothers of Multiples club), etc…I need a step up from just walking but a major step down from 60-90 minutes 6-7 days a week with the X. 30 Day Shred is the perfect fall between. We started Labor Day (09/05/2011) and intend to give it our full attention for 30 days and report on our results for anyone out there looking into a good program.

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